Uncle Tom’s Cabin

One new update for 2020 is for those who are coming out Thursday night to camp, we’ll be rallying at the famous Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It is an additional $10 paid to them upon arrival, as it’s not a requirement to make the trip we aren’t collecting at registration.

For those with trailers, Uncle Tom’s does rent trailer space for the weekend at approximately $30. If you are bringing a trailer, please reach out so we can help you plan that to minimize your time on the road between storage and trail head.

Uncle Tom’s is part of the region’s living history and everyone enjoys having a pint and pinning a dolar bill on the wall.

Here are some links about the history of the location.


“Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a small cabin-like building on the Rubicon 27 miles from Georgetown at 5,000 feet elevation. Little is known about its founder but he is believed to have been an African-American trapper and trader who settled in the area in the 1860s. He was well known and friendly to many hunters, prospectors, loggers and others in the area who would stop there as a welcoming gathering place. 60 years ago it was purchased by Irma Lawyer who, like “Tom”, welcomed people, especially offroaders. Today it is a small bar where the few locals gather and snow wheelers in the winter, offroaders in the summer, are welcome. Guests decorate dollar bills with names and dates and staple them to the walls and ceilings.”


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