Rovicon Minimum Requirements:

  • Mechanically Sound Rover (as best as they are)
  • Working E-Brake/Parking Brake
  • 33”+ tires including full-size spare
  • full armor (sliders, diff guards, bumpers, etc.)
  • Recovery Points front and rear
  • Working winch
  • Center Differential Lock (CDL)
  • Rear locker
  • Highly Suggest Front Locker too
  • Upgraded HD suspension and steering components
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid kit

Given the time constraints, we are not permitting later model Rovers with independent Suspension.  Only solid-axle Rovers.  (for late-model Rovers interested in attempting the Rubicon keep in touch base with NCLR for possible separate trip)

While we wholly encourage first-timers to join us, that doesn’t mean your first-time rock crawling.  You will want to have some trail experience under your belt before tackling this trail.  If you’ve only done fire roads and easy trails before now, it would be best to attempt some shorter trails like Slick Rock, Hell Hole or Deer Valley to get your feet wet before jumping into a 3-day trip like this.

We will work with anyone and everyone to get you through; please make sure to indicate your experience level when registering.

While it’s entirely possible to run the trail with no damage, it’s also not uncommon to see some breakage (axles, CVs, etc) and body damage is possible.

We make every attempt to avoid these things of course but ‘enter at your own risk’ as they say.   We have a relaxed pace planned and should allow for plenty of time to get through obstacles without rushing.