The Rubicon Trail requires a “pack it in – pack it out” policy. It is imperative that you take any garbage, including cans and bottles, back to your campsite to take with you when you leave the trail. Please do not throw any of these or like items into the fire as it is rude to leave for others. Please understand that we are camping on private property, and if we are not good trail users, we will lose the privilege of holding our event here!


One thing you can do to enhance an excellent Rovicon experience is to ensure your vehicle is safe, well maintained, and make sure any known issues are corrected BEFORE you arrive at the trailhead. The potential for body damage and breakage is high, and there are no parts stores within a reasonable distance of the trail. With that in mind, your trail spares should travel with you.

The Rubicon Trail falls under county and federal jurisdictions, and as such, is likely to be patrolled by law enforcement. Drinking and driving will not be tolerated, and violators may be cited and arrested. In short, save the drinking for camp and don’t drink and drive!

For more information, and updates from others planning to attend, check out the thread on and continue to follow Instagram and Facebook for updates.

We encourage you to join us for as many NCLR events as you can find time for, and we look forward to seeing you in 2022!

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