2022 Dates: August 12th – August 14nd

Arrival/Check In Details

We prefer you arriving a minimum of 1 hour before departure time to allow for airing down, coordinating experience levels of groups and communications sync.

The Rubicon Trail is located in the high Sierra, passing over 7000’, and accordingly, the weather can be very unpredictable. Bring swimsuits, rain gear and even a coat and boots that will work in the snow (not kidding!).  Be prepared for daytime highs that could push 80 or nighttime lows that could approach freezing.   Also, bring gloves, eye protection and plenty of sunscreen and mosquito spray! There are bears in the area, so be bear smart — don’t leave food lying around in camp and keep it out of your tents!

Rubicon Springs

Once in the Springs, we have arranged for us all to camp together so look for the group then feel free to set up your camp. The springs offer an excellent history of the Sierras, feel free to explore the area, check out the stone cabin, hike, fish or swim in the beautiful Rubicon River or just be lazy and enjoy the beauty of the Sierras.

For those coming in from out of town or looking to get an early start, Thursday camp is going to be at Loon Lake near the gatekeeper.

Friday staggered groups departing from 7-12 from the Loon Lake staging area.

Friday afternoon/evening Camp at Winter Camp, near Spyder Lake with an evening social around the fire with beer.

Saturday staggered groups departing from 7-12 leaving Winter Camp.

Saturday Camp at Rubicon Springs with a Saturday evening Social at Rubicon Springs, Beer and firewood ( Fire depends on Camp hoast, or we’ll use propane) will be provided.

Sunday staggered groups departing from 7 am from Rubicon Springs, options of through Cadillac Hill to Lake Tahoe or return to Loon Lake (Option for those trailering or running both directions).

Communication will be on HAM Radio channel 146.460 for the main group; individual trail groups will use various HAM frequencies not to overlap.