Rovicon, time to begin packing!

Who’s excited??!! Time to figure out what you are bringing and begin thinking about packing gear, tools, parts, and food! Georgetown will likely be last gas/food and that’s an hour from Loon Lake. So you will want to take into count the remoteness as you plan.

The trail passes through the high Sierra, over 7000’, and accordingly, the weather can be very unpredictable. Bring swimsuits(although water will be cold and peak flows so may be challenging depending locations), rain gear and even a coat and boots that will work in the snow (not kidding! Snow still on the ground).  Be prepared for daytime highs that could push 80 or nighttime lows that could approach freezing.   Also, bring gloves, eye protection and plenty of sunscreen and mosquito spray! There are bears in the area, so be bear smart — don’t leave food lying around in camp and keep it out of your tents!

To help you think about what to pack, we suggest reviewing some these good write-ups:×4-trail-gear-camping-checklist/

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