2020-8-8 Rovicon Update

Some updates for those attending, Thursday camping situation is no longer at Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Due to COVID, they will be closed. So we are going to be camping at the beginning of the trail just past the Loon Lake staging area. We will have an NCLR canopy up, so it will be hard to miss. If you end up showing up before anybody else, just hang out at the beginning of the trail or the staging area and wait for Rovers to show up. If you see a Land Rover, they are with us.

We will be heading out in groups of 4 or 5 with the first group heading out around 8. The first group will be lead by Don and will be a small group used to get to that nights camping area early and claim a spot. This will not be a group that any early riser will be able to join. It will be small and relatively fast moving group. We will then be sending out groups every 45 minutes to an hour. Groups will be chosen and sent out by the committee, but you can make any requests there or email me ahead of time. We will accommodate everyone as best as we can. We tend to have a lot people wanting to leave in the early groups, but unfortunately we wont be able to send everyone out early. Some will have to be in the later groups. Friday is a relatively short trail day, so it isn’t a big deal. I will be leading the last group and expect to leave around noon.

We have moved Friday nights camping location from Buck Island to the trail fork at the start of Little Sluice. The group trail leaders will know where this is, so don’t worry about understanding the location. If you show up late on Friday and miss my last group, you wont be able to run the trail and miss us. This camping location should be roughly 3 miles and 4 hours from the beginning of the trail. This area is much less occupied compared to Buck Island, so it should allow us all to camp in the same general spot.

We will basically be heading out the same way on Saturday. Groups can be mixed up, but we will be heading out at a similar time and with a similar spread. Saturday’s run will be about 4 miles and probably take 6 hours. This will be the most challenging day and end at Rubicon Springs where we have reserved camping.

Sunday will the last leg of the trip. We will be heading out the Tahoe side and our major challenge will be Cadillac Hill. It is roughly 4 miles of challenging trail and some easier trail to get out to the Tahoe side staging area. I would estimate that being about 5 hours.

Of course this is rock crawling, and in groups, so these time estimates can easily become meaningless very fast. Trail repairs and recovery will happen and will add time. We will be held up by repairs and recoveries by other people running the trail too. Just the nature of running the most famous trail in the world on the weekend. So come prepared and have your rig in the best condition you can have it. We will try and group the same vehicle models together if possible. That helps with lines and also with any repairs. We will be using HAM radios on trail. Our standard frequency is 146.460. If you don’t have a radio, either try to get a handheld on amazon or something or myself and others will have some extra handhelds people can borrow.

That pretty sums up what we have planned. In addition to the wheeling, we will be having free beer donated to us by East Brothers Beer Company (member owned). You will be getting a patch, shirt, and mask included with your registration. We will also have additional shirts, patches, and hats available for purchase.

An additional ask is to bring a bundle of firewood and Ice to support the jockey box for the beer!!

Email us at ([email protected]) or message us on the forum if you have any questions or concerns or whatever. This should be a really fun event and we are all excited to see its growth from last year. We look forward to seeing you out there and being part of the most challenging Land Rover event running!

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